Which is better? Poshmark Or Mercari For Online Reselling! (2023)

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Do you want to compare Mercari vs. Poshmark to see which is better for selling online?

If you are a newbie reseller, you may want to know the difference between Mercari and Poshmark, and the similarities, benefits, and shortcomings of both selling apps.

And that’s what I plan to share with you in this post so that you can make an informed decision.

And in the end, I’d tell you which I prefer and why.

Let’s dive in.

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Selling On Mercari vs. Poshmark, Which Is Better?

Cost of listing

Listing on Poshmark is free, likewise Mercari.

Poshmark vs. Mercari selling fees

Poshmark selling fee is $2.95 for sales under $15. But for sales over $15, Poshmark takes 20% while the seller gets 80%.

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Mercari takes 10% of every sale you make, no matter how much that item costs.

Cost of shipping

Poshmark has a standard shipping cost of $7.45 with USPS priority mail, no matter the size, weight(in some cases), or cost of the item.

While Mercari has various shipping rates based on the weight of the item, and several shipping companies to choose from (USPS, FedEx, etc).

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Free shipping


Because of Poshmark’s standard shipping rate of $7.45, and also the 20% selling fee, offering free shipping may not be ideal for some sellers.

But that depends on the seller.

Another way Poshmark sellers offer free shipping is through offers to likers. So the seller can give a discounted shipping or completely free shipping.

And I can’t imagine selling a $7 item on Poshmark and offering free or even discounted shipping.


Now Mercari on the other hand has several shipping fees even as low as $4.00.

So a Mercari seller can easily offer free shipping because there are several shipping rates to choose from.

And also the Mercari selling fees are quite reasonable.

Bundling on Poshmark vs. Mercari

Mercari Bundles

Mercari buyers always notify sellers if they want to buy bundles. And depending on the weight of the bundle, the shipping cost may change.

Poshmark bundles

Poshmark buyers can create bundles by themselves from a seller’s store, and in most cases, the shipping rate stays the same.

But if it gets too heavy, you can upgrade the shipping label to fit the weight of the order.

And if the Poshmark seller offers discounts on bundles, it would be calculated automatically, and you can pay the final total.

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Making Offers on Poshmark vs. Mercari

Poshmark buyer sending offers

Buyers making offers on Mercari and Poshmark is about the same.

Click the make offer button, enter the price, and then hit send.

And the seller can either accept, reject, or even ignore your offer.

But let’s look at how sellers send offers on Mercari vs Poshmark.

Seller sending offers to likers on Poshmark

To send an offer to your likers on Poshmark, the seller MUST reduce the price of the item, and offer a lower shipping rate too.

You cannot bypass that.

Offering lower shipping is a requirement for sellers sending offers on Poshmark.

So if the buyer is supposed to pay $7.45, you can offer a shipping rate of $4.99 or $5.95.

And all these extras would be deducted from your profit.

Mercari buyers

Buyers can make offers and the seller can either accept, decline, counter, or ignore them.

Mercari seller sending offers to likers

When a Mercari seller sends an offer to likers, all you have to do is offer a lower price but the shipping stays the same.

Making videos of your listing

Poshmark sellers can make short videos of their listings and upload them to the selling app, which helps buyers see the product better.

But Mercari does not have the video listing feature.

Listing stories like social media

I remember saying Poshmark is a lot like Instagram because of the followers, the app interface, and other fancy stuff that happens there.

And they just added another social media stuff to Poshmark. STORIES!

Yes, Poshmark sellers can create stories of their listings, which appear on the home screen of the app, and buyers can watch them.

But Mercari does not have the stories feature.

(Video) Selling Clothes On Poshmark Vs. Mercari: Which Reselling Platform Will Make You More Money?

Making inquiries about listings


On Poshmark, every inquiry a buyer makes about a listing appears as a comment, and everyone can see them.


Mercari buyers, on the other hand, can inquire about a listing through private chatting with the seller.

And they can go back and forth until they finalize the transaction.


When you refer someone to Poshmark, you make $5 – when they make their first purchase.

While Mercari gives you a $10 coupon after your referral buys something on Mercari.

Sharing your listings, Mercari vs. Poshmark

You can share your listing as many times as you want for free within and outside Poshmark. You can even share your Poshmark listings on Pinterest and Instagram. How cool is that?

With Mercari, you can only share your listing for free outside (Twitter). And if you must share within Mercari, then you have to use the “promote button” for a fee from your listing price. So your item gets shared, but the price reduces.

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Shipping on your own

Poshmark sellers are not allowed to ship on their own.

But Mercari sellers can choose to ship on their own as long as they provide a tracking number after shipping.

What you can sell

Poshmark just recently introduced its home goods market. So you can sell both wardrobe and home fashion.

But on Mercari, you can sell just about anything as long as it is useful to the buyer. Make sure to check the list of prohibited items.

Prepaid shipping label, Mercari vs. Poshmark

Poshmark sends sellers a prepaid UPSP priority mail shipping label once they make a sale.

While Mercari does not use USPS priority mail, they send sellers the prepaid shipping label that you selected when listing the item (unless you’re shipping on your own).


Poshmark buyers can return a purchase if there is a flaw that the seller did not mention before. But if it has to do with clothes or shoe size, the buyer may not get a refund.

The same applies to Mercari. But Mercari would ask you, the seller, if you want your item back before confirming the return.

(Video) Where Do I Sell Things Online? Poshmark Vs. Mecari Vs. Ebay Vs. Amazon And Which Is Best?

Read more about Poshmark Returns: What To Do When A Buyer Opens A Case, How To Avoid It.


On Poshmark, your buyer gives you a rating after they receive the item and are satisfied with it, and then you get your funds.

The Poshmark seller is not required to rate the buyer.

The same goes for Mercari, but you only get paid after you rate the buyer.

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Selling On Mercari vs. Poshmark – The Selling App I Prefer and Why

Now that we’ve compared selling on Poshmark to Mercari, I am going to tell you which of them I prefer, and why.

Reasons why I like selling on Mercari

  1. On Mercari, conversations and inquiries about listings are private.
  2. There are several shipping rates, and also free shipping, which benefits both sellers and buyers.
  3. Buyers can save items in their Mercari cart for later.
  4. I have made more sales and money on Mercari (obvious reason, right?).
  5. I’ve found some good deals for myself and my kids with free shipping on Mercari.

What I don’t like about selling on Mercari

  1. The buyer initiates a return, and Mercari acts in favor of the buyer before even contacting the seller. You only get a message asking if you want your item back after they have agreed that the buyer can return the item.
  2. You don’t get to see your rating from the buyer before you rate them. So their 1-star rating may come as a surprise after you have rated them 5-stars.
  3. Mercari always suggests shipping for your listing, and if you are not careful, that shipping cost may keep that item from selling. Imagine a $5 pair of shoes with $11 shipping. In my opinion, that is darn outrageous. But some sellers do not accept the suggested shipping, so you can still find affordable shoes with lesser shipping costs. Make sure you weigh your products yourself and also use your discretion to choose shipping labels on Mercari.

Reasons why I like Poshmark

  • You can share your listing every day for free.
  • Poshmark sellers share each other’s listings. I like that.

Reasons why I do not like selling on Poshmark

  • The cost of selling is way too much no matter how I try to look at it.
  • Also, the cost of shipping is too stiff. Imagine paying $7.45 to ship a pair of earrings on Poshmark. Whereas that same pair of earrings would ship for $3.99 on Mercari.

Is It Better To Sell On Poshmark Or Mercari?

So that’s Mercari vs. Poshmark to help beginner sellers and buyers understand how both reselling apps work.

I hope you now know the difference between Poshmark and Mercari, and also their similarities.

And if you are still asking me, I prefer selling on Mercari over Poshmark” for obvious reasons.

Are you currently selling or just started selling on both of these Apps?

If you are an experienced seller, we’d love your opinion. “Is it better to sell on Poshmark or Mercari?” and why?

I hope you find this post helpful.

If you have any questions, please ask. I’ll be more than happy to answer them.

Thanks for reading!

And remember to pin me.

Which is better? Poshmark Or Mercari For Online Reselling! (5)

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Which is easier to sell on Mercari or Poshmark? ›

Shipping through Poshmark is easier than using Mercari. Since you're only shipping clothing and fashion accessories through Poshmark, I've found it's also easier to pack those listings. Some of the things you can sell on Mercari are bulky and have more expensive shipping fees.

Is reselling on Mercari worth it? ›

Mercari: Is it worth it? Our verdict: Mercari is a legit and thriving online marketplace that's easy to use for both buyers and sellers. It's a good fit for sellers looking for a diverse market to sell just about anything at competitive seller fees.

What percentage does Mercari take vs Poshmark? ›

Cheaper selling fees: On Mercari takes 10% for the seller fee, as well as 2.9%+. 30 processing fee versus Poshmark's 20% fee. You can set selling goals: This isn't a huge one, but I like that you can set personal selling goals for yourself and it will track your progress for you!

Is Poshmark good for reselling? ›

Yes, Poshmark is a reputable business and became a publicly traded company in 2021. The app is a legitimate online marketplace to buy and sell used clothing. I have personally been selling on Poshmark since 2016 and still use it to this day.

Can I sell the same item on Poshmark and Mercari? ›

Copy Listing is a brand new feature we added to SELLER | INSIGHT. It allows you to quickly copy parts of the listing's detail, so you can paste it elsewhere. This is a great way to quickly re-list items on Poshmark or manually cross-list them to other platforms, such as eBay or Mercari.

What is the downside to Poshmark? ›

The biggest downside of selling is Poshmark fees or commission. It's a flat rate of $2.95 for anything under $15. It's 20% for items $15 and above. That really cuts into profits, particularly for lower priced items.


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