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One of the biggest challenges for me when I went slow fashion was finding ways to look cute while doing less harm. It’s tough! And while my morals will always come first from here on out with what I put on my body, it’s nice to wear nice things.

Depop is an incredible resource that I talk more about in this post, but the basic idea is that it's an online secondhand and vintage marketplace. Anyone can sell or buy items, which are usually clothing, but sometimes also include accessories or even homeware. I love it so much that it’s honestly becoming a bit of an addiction. Scrolling through while eating a bowl of cereal...never knowing what cute treasure you’re gonna stumble across in your travels...well, it’s like thrifting but online. And more curated. And with CEREAL.

(ALSO I don't know where the best place is to have this plug but...if you wanna follow me on Depop... my handle is @aspeniris. <3)

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But while there are tons of great finds available, it can be a bit difficult to locate them! It’s actually a bit discouraging if you don’t have the proper tools to shop on Depop. It’s important to know that even if you don’t have a super artsy, vintage, retro, or alternative sense of style, Depop is still awesome for you. There is, I think, sort of a reputation surrounding thrifting and vintage shopping that there's a distinct alternative style or aesthetic associated with it, but I don't think this is true! You can find things in any style. You really, really just have to know where and how to look in order to find what it is that you desire. Here are a few tips that’ll help you save the hassle when you inevitably sign up for Depop and fall in love just the same as I have.

#1: Use Different Search Terms

This is a tip that I originally found in a post by British Mermaidon the same topic I’m currently writing about. Essentially, if you’re looking for a pair of combat boots and running out of luck, you might consider trying search terms other than “combat boots,” such as “lace-up boots” or “brown boots.” It seems like something really simple but it’s actually so powerful. Allow me to demonstrate with a real-life ETHIGIRL success story!

Once upon a time, your girl Aspen was on a mad hunt for a midi-length linen button-up dress. And if you’ve looked for this item before, you KNOW how expensive linen is (which is not to say that it isn't worth it)

! If I’d had the money to drop on one from a local slow fashion brand I totally would have, but I didn’ I decided to take a little gander on Depop and see what I could find. Armed with a determined scrolling thumb and an eye for the ultimate picnic gal aesthetic, I hunted!

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Aaaand after one quick search of “linen dress”, I fell short. Nothing that I wanted. But this is only when the story gets interesting! This is when noble Aspen persevered. I then decided to try other search terms, like “button up dress” and “midi dress.” Still no dice. Until...finally, FINALLY! I stumbled upon “seersucker dress.” I hadn’t considered that something like seersucker might be a close alternative for the linen I so desired.That’s when I found it: I found the dress. Heart eyes emojis galore. I hurried to order it and I have gotten so many compliments on it since it arrived. The science of this is that Depop is run by its users, which means not everyone looks at a piece and calls it the same thing. Every clothing piece on the site is unique! And even though I didn’t end up with an actual linen dress, the final product looked exactly like what I wanted.

#2: Build A Strong Feed

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It’s important on Depop to follow people, seriously. At the beginning, you’ll have nothing - the only place you’ll know where to go to look at items is in the little Discover page, which is cool to look at sometimes but not often what you need or want. So, spend some time at the beginning of your Depop journey finding accounts to follow and then following their friends. That’ll make it so much easier and better in the future to find things that are your style. The way you find accounts that you want to follow is by searching not only for items you want, but items you already have and love. Then you’ll find people who are selling items like these and you know then that their shop will have things you’ll want to buy now and in the future.

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#3: Don’t Sleep on the Saved Section

The way to continue building that feed I have stated is so important is by going onto the shops of people you already enjoy following and taking a peek at their saved section. Here, you’ll see all of the items they have their eye on and, thus, be able to look at those peoples’ shops if you like them too. It’s like a great minds think alike sort of deal.

#4: Know What You Want Going In

This is an easy tip but, before you get a strong feed (and even when you do) you’ll have a hard time finding the item you want to find unless you go looking for it. Eventually you’ll browse aimlessly and that item’ll come to you, but at first you gotta head in with a goal in mind.

#5: Check Internationally

Remember that beautiful picnic dress I was going on about before? That baby didn’t come from Canada, it was shipped from the states. Little plug by the way, I bought it from the kindest sellers Annie and Logan (@7gemini), who are proud to run a genderless, LGBTQI-owned vintage shop. Anyway, since not everyone is as nice as them and won’t agree to ship internationally, and because international shipping can get very expensive, Depop prioritizes domestic items. They will always be shown first (at least that is what it’s like for me on the app). But if you have a dream item, check out the international selection!! It’ll be right below what Depop gives you for domestic items.

#6: The More You Look, The Easier It Gets

I guess this is what I’ve basically been saying the whole time, but once you’ve got your feed going, you’ll really be on your way to finding lots of cool items. Depop gets really good when you don’t go looking for items, but instead, they come to you. Not to mention, the more you use Depop, the more familiar you’ll become with the way it works and you’ll start to develop your own techniques for shopping on it. And I promise, once you do, you’ll never go back!

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Needless to say, I am a huge fan of this secondhand platform. The items you can find on Depop are almost always amazing, and the community aspect of it is so cool. Sellers are generally quite responsive (depending on how committed they are to running their shop) and friendly. They will even barter with you some on item prices to try and come up with something that works for you. I sincerely recommend that you try out Depop and, as always, if you have any questions or want to talk more about these tips, feel free to comment below.

With love and sustainability,



What sells really well on Depop? ›

Vintage is the top-selling category on Depop. Vintage refers to anything that is at least 20 years old. If you are selling a vintage item that is a well-known brand, use the actual brand.
Depop Vintage
  • Nike.
  • Adidas.
  • Reebok.
  • LEVI's.
  • Tommy Hilfiger.
  • Champion.
  • YSL.
  • Ralph Lauren.
Jan 12, 2023

What is the most searched thing on Depop? ›

Popular trending pieces include baguette bags, baby tees (shrunken and cropped t-shirts), pleated mini-skirts, bucket hats, velour tracksuits, lace camisoles, butterflies, bling (rhinestones), pastel colors, chunky clogs, and anything that a Bratz Doll might wear!

How do you get good stuff on Depop? ›

How to Shop on Depop: Tips for the Virtual Thrifter
  1. Know Your Measurements. Depop is a time travel machine. ...
  2. Be Specific.
  3. Depop's search function takes things very literally. ...
  4. Tell Depop What You're Into. ...
  5. Is It OK to Negotiate? ...
  6. Read Before Buying.
  7. Don't Get Scammed.
Aug 10, 2022

What is Depop etiquette? ›

Depop's seller handbook recommends sending your buyer a private message thanking them for their business and letting them know when you plan to ship, as well as more personal touches like adding a thank you card or small freebie with their package.

Who was the #1 Depop seller? ›

Only four years after opening a store on the fashion resale site Depop, 24-year-old Bella McFadden has become the first-ever seller to earn £1 million ($1.26 million) on the app.

What Cannot be sold on Depop? ›

  • Adult only material and nudity.
  • Advertisements.
  • Alcohol.
  • Animals and wildlife products.
  • Counterfeit currency and stamps.
  • Counterfeit items, replicas and unauthorised copies.
  • Credit cards.
  • Data banks, mailing lists and personal information.

Is Depop better than Poshmark? ›

They differ slightly in seller and buyer experience, as well as in the type of products and buyers they generally attract. Depop tends to cater to younger buyers looking for unique and vintage pieces, while Poshmark is better known as a platform for reselling higher-end goods.

Do Celebrities Use Depop? ›

There are lots of celebrities on Depop selling a diverse and amazing selection of items. From pop stars like Kim Petras and Lily Allen, to best-selling authors like Ottessa Moshfegh.

What clothes are trending on Depop? ›

4 fashion trends you'll be wearing in 2023 according to Depop
  • Aquascape. ...
  • Grunge Sleaze. ...
  • Retro-fits. ...
  • Celestial.
Jan 4, 2023

How do you trust someone on Depop? ›

To make sure you're buying safely on Depop, avoid doing any of the following: Paying outside of the Depop app, this includes direct payments through PayPal (Friends and Family or Goods and Services), Bank Transfer, Vemno and CashApp. Meeting in person or Collections/Drop offs.

Should you wash clothes before selling on Depop? ›

1) Clean the item before sending

Before selling any item, you'll need to clean it as per the manufacturer's instructions. You should be able to find the washing instructions on the inside tag of clothing garments, or even online.

How do you stand out on Depop? ›

Help your listings stand out:
  1. Make sure all listings are clear and easy to understand. The buyer should immediately know what you are selling.
  2. Try using a backdrop that doesn't divert the buyer's attention from the product. ...
  3. Make sure that the keywords in your item's description are relevant. ...
  4. Keep listing new items.

How often should I post on Depop? ›

Refresh your Depop Listings.

This is SO IMPORTANT. You must refresh your items on Depop at least once daily to make sales.

How do you make clothes look good on Depop? ›


Keep it simple but interesting. Try using a backdrop that doesn't divert the buyers attention from the product, whether its something classic or more DIY. Get creative but understand and compliment the item in question. Top Tip: maybe go for flat lays over hanger shots.

How much perfect does Depop take? ›

Depop Fees

Once an item sells, Depop will automatically charge a 10% fee on the sale price (including the shipping costs). The fee will be taken from your connected PayPal account or the card you are using on your Depop account.

Is Depop declining? ›

Depop had 3.3 million active buyers in 2021, a 17% decline on the previous year.
Depop annual users 2019 to 2021 (mm)
YearUsers (mm)
Jan 9, 2023

Why is Depop controversial? ›

Put simply, sellers on Depop are buying clothing sustainably and then reselling it unsustainably. Recently, popular Depop sellers have become infamous for buying thrifted clothing pieces in bulk and reselling the items for a profit.

Should I give Depop my Social Security number? ›

Just a reminder you must be over 18 to have a Depop Payments account. If you sell over $600 worth of items on Depop, you will need to provide valid SSN information as part of the verification process.

Will Depop refund me if I get scammed? ›

With Depop's buyer protection, we've got you covered. If your item doesn't arrive or is significantly not as described, you'll get a full refund if you report the issue to us within 180 days of the date of purchase. You don't need to pay to be covered.

Why is Depop asking for SSN? ›

This new reporting requirement means that in 2022, if you earn at least $600 in sales during a calendar year, Depop is required to collect a valid taxpayer name and identification number (SSN, EIN, ITIN) to accurately provide you a 1099-K form with your total gross sales and transactions the following January.

Why is nothing selling on my Depop? ›

Try listing your item using only WiFi or mobile data. Hashtags and key words. Make sure you have only used 5 or less hashtags in your item description. Double check you're not using any offensive, abusive, or prohibited terms in your description.

What's the best site to sell clothes on? ›

Top sites for selling your old clothes
  • Depop. Best for – Pretty much everything, but vintage and quirky items sell best. ...
  • Vinted. Best for – Everything, but upmarket high street brands (think Zara, Mango and even H&M) tend to do best. ...
  • eBay. ...
  • ASOS Marketplace. ...
  • Preloved. ...
  • Facebook Marketplace. ...
  • Etsy. ...
  • Rebelle.
5 days ago

Should you haggle on Depop? ›

Negotiating on Depop is a great way for buyers to save some extra money and for sellers to shift an item that may not be getting as much interest as they expected. So use it to your advantage when necessary.

Who is better than Poshmark? ›

Poshmark's top competitors include Vestiaire Collective, GoTrendier, and Flyp. Vestiaire Collective owns and operates an online platform that allows users to buy and sell pre-owned luxury fashion products.

Are there fake sellers on Depop? ›

Many scammers are also finding new and creative ways to scam other buyers and sellers just to get what they want. While Depop's security is upgrading and innovating continuously, scammers are still finding ways to scam Depop users. One prevalent scam happening in Depop right now is the elaborate online scams.

Do people make a living on Depop? ›

Straight to it – can you make real money on Depop? A: Yes. The real win is to get things for as cheap as possible and sell them for more.

How do you haggle on Depop? ›

If you really want the item, and are just after a bit of a deal, go straight in and use the Make Offer button on Depop to ask for 5% off for a (hopefully) easy win. If the item's been listed for a while (one week+) and you have patience, send in an offer for 20% off and see what happens.

Is it safe to give your address on Depop? ›

Stay on the app

Don't share personal information, like your phone number, address or email address. And always keep conversations with buyers or sellers within the Depop app - if you move onto another platform, like into your Instagram DMs, we won't be able to help you if things go wrong.

Can people see your real name on Depop? ›

When you use Depop, some of your data is public and can be seen by others. This includes things like your name, username, profile picture and any information you put in your bio. To stay in control of your data and keep safe, be careful about what details you share with others on Depop.

What does Blue Tick mean on Depop? ›

A verified badge is the small blue tick you may see on a user's profile image. We give these badges to Top Sellers, brands, celebrities and public figures. Accounts with blue ticks are users who our team have verified as authentic and trustworthy.

What should I know before starting Depop? ›

How to start a Depop business
  1. Name your shop. Your Depop shop name is probably going to be your brand name so you can build a brand identity. ...
  2. Choose your products. Next, select the items you want to sell. ...
  3. Take creative photos. ...
  4. Create your listing. ...
  5. Get noticed. ...
  6. Shipping. ...
  7. Rate your buyer.
Aug 12, 2022

Can you sell worn clothes on Depop? ›

Yes, you can sell used clothing on Depop. With used items, it's a good idea to be honest and let your buyer know what they should expect from the item. You can do this by detailing its condition in the description. Also, include photos of any flaws or faults on the item and add these to your listing.

Is it better to sell on Mercari or Depop? ›

While both Depop and Mercari are great platforms for buying and selling secondhand items, Depop is more about fashion which lists designer to vintage clothes and accessories, whereas Mercari has a much diverse portfolio of unique stuffs, that include everything from clothes to households, electronics to home décor, ...

Does Depop have an algorithm? ›

Understanding Depop's algorithm

First, the algorithm scans the keywords entered and filters applied by the seller across the item name, description, category, brand and tags (e.g. color or style) of all listings on Depop to return an initial set of results.

What does boosted mean on Depop? ›

Boosted Listings is our in-platform advertising service which enables you to promote or “boost” your listings in search results on Depop. Boosted listings are displayed prominently in search results on Depop's website and mobile app.

Is Depop worth selling on? ›

You can make extra money selling clothes on Depop. Selling your unwanted clothes is a great way to put a little extra cash in your pocket, and scaling up your business can turn that into a regular source of income. Depop has thousands of sellers who make regular money through selling clothes.

What is the disadvantage of Depop? ›


That's pretty cool! There is not explicatably a “make an offer” button like Poshmark so you just have to toss your number out and hope it sticks. Search options are limited on desktop. You can't “favorite” items, sort them by prices, or have your sizes saved.

Why does Depop take so much of my money? ›

Why do Depop charge 10%? Depop charges a 10% selling fee for sales on the platform. Our 10% fee is in place to keep the app up and running, release new features, provide Buyer and Seller Protection and pay our employees.

How do you trust a Depop seller? ›

How can I check my item before I buy?
  1. Check the seller's reviews, any other buyers will rate their transaction, if you are purchasing similar items you'll have a better idea on what to expect.
  2. Review the photos and description in detail, if there are any flaws described or pictured, make sure you're clear on the extent.

Does Depop refund fake items? ›

We will mediate a resolution between yourself and the buyer. If a resolution cannot be found, we will ask the buyer to return the item using tracked postage. You will then refund the full sale price (minus shipping) Counterfeit items must be refunded.


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