9 Best Photo Apps for Baby Milestones (2023)

It’s true what they say, the days are long, but the years are short! And, unfortunately, your sweet little bundle of joy won’t stay that way for long. So, how can you make sure you preserve these precious moments forever?

Here are the 9 best photo apps for baby milestones:

  1. Little Nugget: Baby Milestones
  2. Baby Photo Editor & Journal
  3. Qeepsake: Baby Photo Book & Family Album
  4. Totsie – Baby Photo Editor
  5. Baby Story: Parents Milestone Diary
  6. Shutterfly
  7. Baby Pics – Photo Editor
  8. Precious – Baby Photo Art
  9. Baby Sticker – Track Milestones

Let’s take a deeper look at these photo apps to discover the best one for you to record and document all of those essential firsts with your baby.

1. Little Nugget: Baby Milestones

With so much technology and photo apps available nowadays, there are many options for capturing every second with your little nugget.

In fact, one of my top choices on this list for the best baby photo editor for your little’s milestones is called “Little Nugget.”

What I love about this app is your ability to personalize and customize each picture! It’s truly a creative experience for all parents and makes it easy to create Insta-worthy snaps of your little nugget!

This app is advertised as the “prettiest” way to capture moments with your baby, and I agree! Check out this Pinterest post to see how others have personalized stolen moments with their infants.

While there’s a small cost for this app, it’s a steal when you consider the 4.7-star rating it has on the App Store!

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Check out the Little Nugget website to learn more!

This app is currently available on iPhones through the Apple app store and is scheduled to come out soon for Android on Google Play.

2. Baby Photo Editor & Journal

Next up is the Baby Photo Editor & Journal from PlusMinusOne, Inc. This app is similar to Little Nugget in that you can personalize photos, make artwork and edit pictures, create collages, and more, but this app is free!

Well, it’s free to download, but if you want to unlock some premium features, you do have to pay some in-app fees.

Parents are giving this app pretty high reviews on the App Store, with an overall average rating of 4.7 out of 5 stars.

Based on the comments in the review section, the biggest issue with this app is that the prices in this app can be sneaky and can disrupt your fun photo editing when a pop-up says you can’t use certain features unless you pay approximately £25 annually.

However, if you’re looking for something simple and easy to use with potentially no cost, this app might be perfect for you!

3. Qeepsake: Baby Photo Book & Family Album

Next up is Qeepsake: Baby Photo Book and Family Album, and oh my goodness – I’m obsessed with this app!

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If you’re looking for more than just cute Instagram-worthy pictures of your little, and you want to document and journal what’s happening from the moment you see those two tiny pink lines on your pregnancy test, and beyond, this is the perfect app.

The coolest thing about Qeepsake is that it’ll text you questions about your baby and your pregnancy as you go through life. Then, you can quickly text back without disturbing the rhythm of your day, and Qeepsake will record your responses and save them to your journal!

You can still take all the pictures you want – spontaneously snap or record milestones on the fly, as advertised on the Qeepsake website, and then the app will create a memory book and send it to you!

You could get a book every month, year, or whenever you want! Qeepsake is bringing scrapbooking into the 21st century!

With nearly 24 thousand followers on Instagram and 4.9 stars on the App store, this could be the milestone tracker you’ve always wanted.

Question prompts, unlimited photos, and milestone tracking? Great. But, how much does it cost?

Zero. That’s right, this app is free! There are some in-app purchases you can make, but they’re optional based on your needs.

4. Totsie – Baby Photo Editor

Wow, here we are at number 4 on this list of best baby milestone trackers. So let’s dive into everything you need to know about Totsie.

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Totsie is available for both Apple and Android products, and it allows you to customize photos with cute stickers and compare images in a collage format, and more.

Generally speaking, this app is pretty comparable in terms of functionality to the others listed here. The app is also free to download, but they offer two subscription offers; one is a monthly charge of about £5, and the other is an annual charge of approximately £25.

5. Baby Story: Parents Milestone Diary

Number five on this list is Baby Story which is only available right now on Apple products. It features similar services to the products mentioned earlier, but it also has more filters and more fonts for you to play with.

The cool thing about this app is the trendy illustrations you can use. For example, it has the cutest holiday stickers and graphics that you can add to personalize pregnancy milestones and baby pictures.

This app has one of the highest ratings on the app store, with 4.8 stars out of 141k reviews. So, parents really love this app!

6. Shutterfly

Of course, there’s also the go-to option: Shutterfly. Shutterfly has been around forever, and it’s got an excellent reputation for producing fabulous photos, photo albums, and personalizable trinkets.

The great thing about Shutterfly is that it’s highly versatile, so if you want to use it for more than just milestone tracking, like personalized gifts, frames, prints, etc., then this might be the best option for you.

Shutterfly is like the ol’ faithful of photo editing apps; reliable, great reviews, and versatile.

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7. Baby Pics – Photo Editor

One of the best things about photo editors is that you can see how quickly your baby changes over time. Like I said earlier, time really does fly!

Baby Pics Photo Editor is number seven on this list of photo editors. It features excellent fonts, quick sharing options, and, my personal favorite, beautiful templates.

With Baby Pics, your mommy or daddy brain can take a load off without having to worry about putting the most creative spin on your milestone photos because this app comes with time-saving templates that you can personalize or just use as is!

This app is available for both Apple and Android products and can come with a free trial!

8. Precious – Baby Photo Art

Next up is Precious – Baby Photo Art app. With nearly 90 thousand ratings and a 4.7-star ranking, this app is excellent for documenting precious moments.

The thing I love about this app is the time-lapse videos and automatic photo albums. That’s right – this app does all the organizing for you! Each month you’ll get pictures and a time-lapse slideshow so you can quickly see how much your baby has grown over such a short amount of time.

This app is free to download and offers a free trial to try out all of its products.

9. Baby Sticker – Track Milestones

Last but not least is Baby Sticker. This app is available for Apple products and is free to download. It offers lots of fun fonts, stickers, and artwork that you can use to creatively put your baby’s memories stand out.

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You can upload your own photos from your camera or take pictures through the app with this app. It’s easy to share on social media, and it’s free. There are two subscription offers with this app; one changes weekly, and the other is yearly.

From their entrance to the world to their first day of school and beyond, don’t miss a moment! Get a baby milestone tracking app to help you keep track of all the important moments before they become only memories.


What is the best app for baby milestones photos? ›

Totsie - Baby Photo Editor

Offering the same services as Baby Pics and Little Nugget, this app can be used to mark every important milestone of your baby.

What is the free app for baby milestone pictures? ›

TinyBeans has an online website, Android App and iOS App. Private photo, video and milestone recorder. Displays the uploaded photos and videos in a calendar format, so you can see how much growth and development your baby has undergone over a period of time.

Is adorable photo app free? ›

There are a lot of things that you can do with the free version which lets you see whether or not you really like the app enough to pay for the extras, and it really seems to be a nice app.

When should I take my baby's milestone pictures? ›

Having A Photo Shoot To Mark Your Baby's First Birthday

Milestone sessions can take place when your baby is between 3 and 13 months, so you could schedule it to be very close to your baby's first birthday, or a few weeks before or after.

Is there an app for baby milestones? ›

Baby + Baby + is a great application for tracking your baby's growth milestones. This app offers daily blogs with the right information, weekly development guides, parenting videos, breastfeeding videos, etc. Its growth tracker lets you monitor the growth of your child.

Is milestones app free? ›

Available for free in the App Store and Google Play Store.

Is there a free age picture app? ›

YouCam Makeup is the best aging filter app to try teenage filters for free on iPhone and Android. With the YouCam Makeup app, you can see yourself young or old simply by swiping the age bar after taking a photo with the app. The AI age simulation will let you see yourself in your teenage days naturally and easily.

Is Tinybeans free? ›

No paid subscription requirement. We want all families to be able to privately share their most cherished memories. The launch of the new Tinybeans free plan makes that happen.

How do you take cute milestone pictures? ›

Here are some ideas and tips for you!
  1. Use a lovey or special stuffed animal. ...
  2. Use a consistent background. ...
  3. Skip the stickers - or don't! ...
  4. Get creative! ...
  5. Put them in a white onesie! ...
  6. Take the picture during good daylight in your home. ...
  7. Show your face, Mama! ...
  8. Lets see it!
Jul 8, 2020

What is a good free picture app? ›

12 Free photo editing apps
  • Photolemur 3. An often overlooked yet valuable photo editing app is Photolemur 3. ...
  • Adobe Lightroom CC. For mobile users, Adobe Lightroom CC is everything a photo editing app should be. ...
  • Instasize. ...
  • Lens Distortions. ...
  • Bonfire. ...
  • Apple Photos. ...
  • Snapseed. ...
  • Inshot.

Is Adorable Home a safe app? ›

Adorable Home is LGBTQ+ friendly. It references mature themes and on occasion, depicts characters in revealing outfits; this is a game about partners inside their home (Bedroom, Bathroom, etc.) after all. It may be inappropriate for children.

Is Peachy app free? ›

Peachy (iOS)

These features seem to be user friendly as they have great reviews for their product. It is a free product, but there are many more features that come with a yearly subscription. You also get the option to reshape specific aspects of your image. This includes arms, facial features, muscles, or body parts.

Is 3 months too late for newborn photos? ›

Absolutely not. You will never regret capturing your newborn whether it's 1 month old, or 6 months old. There is a caveat though and let me explain. There has been a trend, or a misconception rather, that newborn photos have to be done by 2 weeks old.

How do you make a baby milestone picture? ›

Keep Baby milestone photos simple and oh-so adorable by placing your little one on a soft white backdrop and illustrating their age with the corresponding number of props, like seven paper butterflies for 7 months old. Or use something like, say flower petals or candy canes, to create numerals. Easy!

How do you capture baby milestones? ›

One of the best ways to capture your baby's growth and create a beautiful keepsake is by taking monthly milestone photos. Use a milestone blanket or wooden milestone discs and snap a photo each month to see how much they've grown.

How do you take good milestone pictures? ›

If your baby is laying down, 'top down' light is the easiest way to take flattering photos. To create top down light, position them with the light source coming at them from the head so it washes down their body. This will highlight their best features and avoid lighting up the nose.


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